Collage Rhoades Family

Collage Rhoades Family

mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Photos 3, 4 and 5 of 100 - 1920's, 30's and 40's: Old Freddy

Frederick Rhoades (aged approx. 68), Isabelle (a friend of Doreen),
Jessie Doreen Rhoades (nee Whittet) and Edison Rankin Rhoades circa 1925

Old Freddy was a remarkable man. He firmly believed that he and his family were a superior breed, an attitude which was passed on to his three sons. He was the original male chauvinist despite being a very well-educated man. He wrote 2 books and had many of his short stories published during his lifetime. He was also an accomplished cartoonist and counted among his friends many of the leading artists and authors of the day including the brothers Norman and Lionel Lindsay.

The old man in his late sixties, acquired a mistress half his age.
Old Fred at Terrigal (note Skillon)
Date unknown.

In his eighties and nineties, with his great mop of white hair, bushy eyebrows, large moustache, deeply tanned hawk-like face and cultured English voice he was indeed an impressive figure. Even at the age of 81 he was an expert swimmer, boxer, fencer and a competitive rifle shooter. I can recall him at the age of 88 - tall, slim, suntanned and remarkably fit, his long white hair and handle-bar moustache streaming in the breeze as he sprinted along the beach at Terrigal with few in the family able to keep pace with him.

Ted Rhoades - son of Edison and Jessie Doreen pictured above (excerpts taken from his book "Taim Bolong Masta" 2012)

Freddie, after his wife died in 1932, employed a minder for Gordon. Winifred Cuthbert was half his age however they got together and it lasted until he died. "He was a virile old bugger". They used to come to Terrigal and stay in a little hut called "The Cabin" which was quite near "The Fibro". 

Ted Rhoades via Tara Copeland Rhoades on Facebook (1 December, 2014)

Raymond Edward (Ted), Freddy, Brian Ashton,
Gerald Frederick, Winnifred Cuthbert Gordon (son of Gordon Pegus)
Photo taken circa 1936 making Freddy 79.

"Winifred was very nice to us kids, she used to take us to the beach".
Story has it that Freddy was still chopping down trees when he was 91. He apparently taught Gerald to build radios when he was a kid and later got him his first job at Ludo's where he helped research the leather products and alternatives to replace the tannery at Lane Cove.

Dorothy and Gerald Rhoades via Jocelyn Bates on Facebook (1 December 2014)

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